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October 05 2017

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Still Unresolved! Legendary Fanfic My Immortal's Authorship Remains a Mystery After the Cancellation of Rose Christo's Memoir • r/UnresolvedMysteries



Buzz began circulating around Rose Christo’s forthcoming memoir from St. Martin’s Press. There seemed to be a lot of genuine excitement about the book as My Immortal is a well loved internet phenomenon, and the book was promoted as detailing Christo’s strange and tumultuous upbringing during the writing of My Immortal. In multiple outlets, it was claimed that Christo wrote the fanfic hoping to capture the attention of enough people online to eventually aid in the search for her missing brother. The problem with this story? Her missing brother surfaced online to announce that he was never missing, Christo has fabricated her entire dramatic backstory, and she was likely never involved with My Immortal at all. St. Martin’s Press has now dropped the book due to Christo failing a round of routine fact checking.

Her brother happens to be a member of this very forum (@DawnDusk ), and his side of the story paints a different picture, not that she lost communication with him while being shuffled through the system, but that she just doesn’t contact him and never was in foster care. He began poking holes in her claims in this thread; https://kiwifarms.net/threads/author-of-my-immortal-possibly-found.33996/

On her Tumblr, she also frequently blogs about the struggle of being Native American/Indian. Problem with that is she’s actually white.


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even more cala maria icons

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not to be edgy but i unironically enjoy some things

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A summer sky 

October 04 2017


Drunk history except I get absolutely piss-faced and try to explain the plot of Assassin’s Creed


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He’s gonna tie you up to some train tracks

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good morning everyone except this person


do you ever look at yourself on a slob day without makeup or your hair done and realise. if I lived during the medieval period i would not have gotten a significant other with this face. no one would fight for my hand or honour. the only thing that would take me is the plague

October 03 2017

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