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June 08 2017



pretending to be sober at convenience stores

My life

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sooo khloe bought 1 of everything from this girl’s store and completely ripped off everything. badly. this designer has worked with people like beyoncé and serena williams, the klan has some fucking NERVE. and khloe has the balls the want to sue monica rose for stealing from her. the hypocrisy of it all

how fucking ugly


And let it be known that this girl has designed for Beyoncé herself (she did the tights for one of her concerts, I believe), and has been around for YEARS doing this so they are some snakes for stealing from her.



Apparently McDonald’s also said they’re getting killed by millenials and one of their CEO’s said it’s because millenials don’t have “brand loyalty” and are instead “promiscuous

Brand sluts, the new Millennial Threat.

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June 07 2017

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British Hair Awards 2016 – Afro Finalist Collection – photo by Luke Nugen 

This will forever be legit

fuck. This is the most gorgeous shit I’ve ever seen in my life. And honestly the first time in a loooong time I’ve been surprised by fashion. Gorgeous.



there are 3 possible outcomes for if you ask your artist friend to draw something for u and they say yes:

  1. they draw it in 2 hours
  2. they draw it in 6 months and apologize endlessly
  3. they never draw it and spend the next 5 years bathing in guilt 
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yo not to be rude but what the fuck is going on



You don’t need to wear “dress” shoes or anything in particular to any even. You can wear whatever the fuck you want at any place or time or for any event. What’s “formal” or not is subjective, and there’s no reason why you have to wear anything specific for any event or occasion anyway, or why you have to wear anything at all. It’s your body to express and display however you want at all times, and it shouldn’t be censored in the first place. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a ~formal~ dinner party in sweats. The belief that you have to wear certain clothing for certain events is arbitrary and fucking stupid.

catch me at my dad’s funeral wearing nothing but cookie monster panties and those lightning mcqueen crocs with the wheels on the bottom


my boss: *giving me critical instructions* you got that?

me: ya

me (in my mind): you make a loop de loop and pull, and your shoes are looking cool :) you go over and back, left to righ

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セルフポートレイト by 西本喜美子
self portrait by Kimiko Nishimoto

(【自分の意思でやってます!】87歳のアマチュアカメラマンの自撮り作品に吹き出す | CuRAZY [クレイジー]から)


Kimiko Nishimoto
Self Portraits

Japan (c. 2016)

Self-Portraits by 87-Year-Old Photographer Kimiko Nishimoto

Kimiko Nishimoto learned how to use a camera for the first time at the age of 71 and even furthered her skills by taking courses on digital editing to manipulate her images. While she mostly focuses on still life and nature photography, she has a series of hilarious self-portraits involving random costumes and staged falls.

she understands millennial humour

June 06 2017

When Sinnoh remakes aren’t announced..

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~ The Pleasures of Ignorance, by Robert Lynd, 1921

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The Shanghai Gesture (1941)

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June 05 2017

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i know i’ve made a post exactly like this before but that trope of a vampire or faerie or anything “other” watching a human from afar and “choosing” them is STILL so wild and uncomfortable to me bc if you watch someone from afar like that you’re gonna form such a romantic image of them in your head that’s actually barely what they’re like 90% of the time but now what the hell are you gonna do you just turned them into a vampire/brought them over to the faerie realm for eternity you’re STUCK with them and THEY’RE stuck with your impulsive naive romantic ass like

if a vampire watched me from afar they’re gonna catch me smelling wild flowers, talking to crows, and walking barefoot through creeks but they never see me inside and now they’re stuck, listening to me complain about the Naruto epilogue again. Again. They’re so tired. “Molly Anne,” they say. “Molly Anne please. It’s been two-hundred years.” I keep going. The betrayal still feels fresh.

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